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Update  2018 Oct

AMD and Intel Comparisons

Below are some Intel and AMD Opteron processors at nominally matching process. Where possible, the same L2, L3 or combined cache size models are shown. In some cases, the number of cores are different.

130nmBanias Opteron_130nm Opteron_130nm
 Banias 2003,
83mm2 1M L2
Opteron 2003,
193mm2 1M L2
90nmPrescott OpteronDC_90nm
 Prescott 2M 2005,
135mm2 2M L2
Opteron DC 2005,
199mm2, 2×1M L2
65nm ConroeBarcelona2
 Conroe 2006 Apr,
143mm2 4M L2
Barcelona 2007?,
285mm2 4×512K L2, 2M L3
 Nehalem 2008 Aug,
263mm2 4x2M L3
Shanghai 2008,
258mm2 4×512K L2 6M L3
45nm Istanbul
  Istanbul 2009,
346mm2 6×512K L2
6M L3
 Westmere 2010 Jan,
240mm2 6x2M L3
Bulldozer 2012,
315mm2 4×2M L2, 8M L3

I am not sure if the Bulldozer image shown above is a single die or two die next to each other.


The Piledriver image shown above has four double-"cores"?



Additional notes:
Pentium Pro - 133MHz on 0.6 µm
150 on 0.50
166, 180 an 200 on 0.35 µm
256K L2 die on 0.50
512K L2 die on 0.35