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Update  2017 Dec

Below are most of Intel desktop processors from Pentium 4 (Willamette) to Skylake with images scaled. I am not certain that the exact model is represent, so if there are any errors, please advise.

CodenameProcessdie sizeCacheImage
Willamette180nm217mm2256K L2 Willamette
Northwood130nm131mm2512K L2Northwood
Prescott 1M90nm112mm21M L2Prescott
Prescott 2M90nm135mm22M L2Prescott
Dothan90nm84mm22M L2 Dothan Dothan
Cedar Mill65nm81mm22M L2Cedar Mill
Conroe65nm143mm24M L2Conroe
Penryn45nm107mm26M L2Penryn
Nehalem45nm263mm24x2M L3Nehalem
Westmere32nm240mm26x2M L3Westmere
SandyBridge32nm216mm24x2M L3SandyBridge
Ivy Bridge22nm160mm24x2M L3Ivy Bridge
Haswell22nm177mm24x2M L3Haswell
Broadwell14nm172mm24x2M L3Broadwell
Skylake14nm122.4mm24x2M L3Skylake