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 Too Much Memory (2018 Sep, preliminary)

 RISC vs. CISC (2018 Aug)

 Multi-Processors Must Die (2018 Aug)

 Intel 10nm Delay Assessment (2018-08)

2018 Q1/2

 Memory Latency (2018-04)

 TPC-E Benchmarks (2018-04)

 DRAM (Updated 2018-10),   original  DRAM (2018-03)

 SRAM as Main Memory (2018-03)

System Architecture Review
 Front-side Bus

 System Architecture Review 2016


Despite its conceptual simplicity, modern DRAM is actually incredibly complicated, with almost every detail a trade secret. So asking manufacturers to produce a special low latency DRAM product would incur significant up-front costs.

Given that the value is expected to be very high, a temporary product in which the far rows of an existing DDR4 chip are disabled, with timings based on access to the near rows is proposed.


No joke! Yes, this would double the cost per Gb.


Earlier versions of articles replaced by above.
  The Case for Single Processor (unfinished) see: Multi-Processors Must Die

  Low Latency Memory (2018-03)  Memory Latency (2018-02)  SRAM as Main Memory (2018-02)

  Rethink Server Sizing 2017 (2017-Dec)    SRAM as Main Memory (2017-Dec)

  Rethinking System Architecture (2017-Jan),   Memory Latency, NUMA and HT (2016-Dec),

  The Case for Single Socket (2016-04)


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  SRAM as Main Memory Cost Benefit   Rethink Server Sizing 2017


System Architecture

System Architecture has been split into multiple sections:
  HistoricalAMD OpteronIntel QPIDell PowerEdgeHP ProLiantIBM x Series

  NUMA (never finished),   Sandy Bridge,   KnightsLanding 2016-08,

  Asymmetric Processor Cores


Older Server System material

 NEC Express5800/A1080a (2010-06),  Server Sizing (Interim) (2010-08),
 Big Iron Revival III (2010-09),  Big Iron Revival II (2009-09),  Big Iron Revival (2009-05),
 Intel Xeon 5600 and 7500 series (2010-04, this material has been updated in the new links above)

 Historical Systems (incomplete)


Other System Architecture Articles

New Items 2016-12   Memory-IO Performance (in progress),   Memory Latency, NUMA and HT 2016-12,  The Case for Single Socket (2016-04)

Additional related topics:   Amdahl Revisited 2015-05,

  Server Strategy Shift with Sandy Bridge (formerly part of Systems Architecture 2011Q3),

  Systems Architecture 2012Q4,   2011Q3,   2010Q3,   2009,
  NEC Express5800/A1080a (2010-06),

  High Call Volume SQL on NUMA (pre-SQL 2005?),

  Big Iron Revival III (2010-09). Big Iron Revival II (2009-09), Big Iron Revival (2009-05),
  Intel Microarchitecture Diagrams

I will try to sort out the material and redistribute over several articles as appropriate. For now
  Knights Landing 2016-08,   Memory-IO Performance (),   Memory Latency, NUMA and HT 2016-12,    The Case for Single Socket (2016-04)   Amdahl Revisited   and also   Cost-Based Optimizer



Onur Mutlu, Professor of Computer Science at ETH Zurich website, lecture-videos

Mark Clark, AMD A New X86 Core ... ,  AMD Memory Technology