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The EMC CLARiiON AX4 and CX4 lines came out a couple of years ago, built around the Intel Xeon 5400 series? or some other Core 2 architecture processor. Both should be replace really soon with either Jasper Forest or Westmere processors. The AX4 is an entry system with limited IO, and SAS(?) on the back-end. The CX4 is a mid-range system with reasonable IO and FC back-end.

The AX4 has 2 x 4Gb FC ports on the front-end, 3Gb SAS on the back-end, presumably 1 x4 port. Interally, the AX4 has 12-disks, and with expansion can support 60 disks.

The issue with the Clariion 4th generation line is the Intel Xeon 5400 processors. These processors have very powerful cores, but only adequate memory and IO bandwidth. They are not sufficient to meet Nehalem and Westere-base server IO requirements. Storage system vendors really should not drag their feet is lagging 2 years behind on system architecture.

Intel C5500 (Jasper Forest)

Since EMC needs to refresh their Clariion lineup, I will take this opportunity to say what it should be. See the C5500 Jasper Forest page.