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I used to see the HP HP EVA storage systems occasionally, but less so recently. I am thinking this part of the HP storage group has lost direction, and was/is unwilling to make difficult decisions, like moving off the MIPS processor. Back around 2000 or so, the HP EVA line used the MIPS processor in their controller. Since then, MIPS has not been capable of competing with recent generation processors.

The current EVA line consists of the P6400 and P8400 with the HVS400 and HSV450 controllers, and the P4400 with the HSV300 controller.

HP P4000

At some point HP acquired Lefthand?, which became the P4000, and then the newer model P4000 G2. This is an iSCSI only system.

The current P4000 G2 uses the Xeon 5500 processor, with its powerful processor cores, high-bandwidth memory sub-system, and outstanding IO capability. Too bad this is for iSCSI only on the front-end, and not SAS.