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System Architecture and Configuration

System Architecture has been split into multiple sections:
  Historical, AMD Opteron, Intel QPI, Dell PowerEdge, HP ProLiant, IBM x Series,
  NUMA (never finished), and Sandy Bridge 2011-11,
Additional related topics:
  Amdahl Revisted 2015-05
  Server Strategy Shift with Sandy Bridge (formerly part of Systems Architecture 2011Q3),
  Systems Architecture 2011Q3, Systems Architecture 2010Q3, Systems Architecture 2009,
  NEC Express5800/A1080a (2010-06),
  Big Iron Revival III (2010-09). Big Iron Revival II (2009-09), Big Iron Revival (2009-05),
  High Call Volume SQL on NUMA (pre-SQL 2005?),
  Intel Microarchitecture Diagrams

Update 2012-10

System Architecture Sandy Bridge EN & EP

This is just a place holder for now.
Content has been moved to Sandy Bridge