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HP ProLiant Systems

Some of the 8-way Xeon 7500 systems are indeed glueless. The HP ProLiant DL980G7 has node controllers (XNC) that link 2 socket nodes and so is not glueless. Below is the ProLiant DL980G7 block diagram from Laurence Grizaud's session at HP Technology Forum 2010. It does have an HP copyright, so I will do my own diagram, hopefully before HP might get upset at me.


Two processor sockets form a node in that there is a direct connection between the two processor sockets. There are 4 sockets or 2 nodes on each CPU board. The DL980 system comprises lower and upper CPU board. Each CPU board connects to a XNC board. Each XNC board has two Node controllers. Each processor socket connects to both XNC on the XNC board. A link board connects the two XNC boards. There is one PCI board standard and up to two additional PCI boards can be added.

One set of expansion slots 7-11 with 3 x4 and 2 x8 PCI-E gen2 slots. A second set connects to slots 1-6 with the option of either 2 x16, 1 x4 and 2 PCI-X slots or 4 x8 and 2 x4. The third set, 4 x8 and 1 x4 in slots 12-16 are optional, and are all low profile due to space constraints of the system chassis. It is presumed that each set of IO are connected to one of the 3 IOH devices. The second set has only 28 PCI-E G2 lanes, so the other 8 are probably used for the embedded system components.

Expansion Slots
Expansion Slot # Technology Width Connector Width* Bus Number(*)(**) Form Factor
1PCI-E Gen1x4x80x71FH/FL
2PCI-E Gen2x8x160x74FH/FL
3PCI-E Gen2x8x160x77FH/FL
4PCI-E Gen2x4x80x7AFH/FL
5PCI-E Gen2x8x160x84FH/FL
6PCI-E Gen2x8x160x87FH/FL
7PCI-E Gen2x4x80x05FH/FL
8PCI-E Gen2x4x80x08FH/FL
9PCI-E Gen2x8x160x0BFH/FL
10PCI-E Gen2x4x80x0EFH/FL
11PCI-E Gen2x8x160x11FH/FL
12PCI-E Gen2x8x160x71LP
13PCI-E Gen2x8x160x74LP
14PCI-E Gen2x4x80x77LP
15PCI-E Gen2x8x160x7ALP
16PCI-E Gen2x8x160x84LP
* Default bus assignment. Inserting cards with PCI bridges may alter the actual bus assignment number.
** Slots are enumerated differently based on OS. MS OS's enumerate from lowest to highest Device ID by bus (starting with the lowest bus).
FL= Full length; FH = Full height; LP = low-profile.

The HP DL580G7 has many similar components as the DL980. The DL580G7 CPU board has the standard Intel 4-way QPI connection arrangement, so it is not compatible with the DL980 CPU board.